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About Us

Globtec was founded in Montreal, Canada in 1997 initially as an open source for Eastern European companies to enter international market of electronic components. Within few years top performance established Globtec as an expert in the field of technology marketing, distribution and service. Today Globtec provides global technology solution to industrial and commercial entities as a reliable partner in supply-liquidation channel of electronic components.

Our commitment and dedication to be industry leaders give you the best of both worlds when working with Globtec - remarkable knowledge of electronic components market and technical skills in finding the ultimate product you may need in your next design.

We also provide specialized solutions and expertise at every stage of your purchasing-distribution cycle. Those allow us not only to consolidate all your electronic components purchasing needs in one place but also makes outsourcing of hard to find/obsolete parts, consolidation of shipments, purchasing service, storage and marketing of your inventories/products to the world an instant desired outcome.

In today's quickly changing market technology environment Globtec is the perfect choice when it comes to savings, efficiency and fulfillment of its customers needs.

Let us embark on your journey so we can truly dedicated our effort to make your goal our priority, your success our reward.